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Amazon Kindle Fire advertising would have the home screen

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Amazon Kindle FireEveryone knows that advertising is something like a ‘necessary evil’, because I think nobody likes to see ads everywhere, although we know that without them, there would be many products and services that we currently have and use in everyday life, as many companies rely on advertising to sustain it.

And one of those companies would be to provide more space available for advertising is Amazon, since according to the latest news coming from Seattle, Washington (home of the company), all users of the Kindle Fire will have to see advertising Home screen of your tablets.

AdAge reports that Amazon would be launching an advertising package valued at $ 600.000 or more and that would give contracting advertising agencies, the ability to display its contents in the home screen of the Kindle Fire.

Logically, this would allow the price of the Kindle Fire Amazon is reduced much more than it already is in itself (U.S. $ 199), since the difference would be paid with advertising itself that one would have to bear in the home screen device.

Anyway, what to you is like to have a Kindle Fire cheaper but advertising the home screen? And if so, would you like to have the same option that is currently offered on similar models of e reader Kindle, which for $ 30 more you can turn off the advertising?

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